Wrap Ups

September 2020 Wrap-Up

September 2020



I quit my job.

I know people do that all the time and many of you probably have at some point, but I’ve never done that before. I got my first job working as a student employee in college, and was promoted to full time when I graduated. I’ve never… not worked for these people.

But it was time.

So! Now I will soon find myself with a lot of time on my hands as I search for a new one. Hopefully I’ll get to read a lot during that time, too!

September itself was a disaster. On top of quitting, I also contracted the virus (courtesy of work), and I was stressed beyond all belief. Thankfully, though, my two-month-long reading slump is finally over! I still didn’t read a lot this month compared to the past, but I at least enjoyed what I read.

Shockingly, I only finished 2 books this month. 😩 But based off of everything going on in my life right now, that makes sense.

Now onto the wrap-up!


Audio-books: 0
E-books: 0
Hardcovers: 1
Paperbacks: 1
E-ARCs: 0

5 ⭐ books: 0
4 ⭐ books: 0
3 ⭐ books: 0
2 ⭐ books: 1
1 ⭐ books: 0
* 6 ⭐ books: 0

Re-reads: 1
Buddy Reads: 1
DNF count: 0
Set aside: 5
Still Reading: 3

Books I Finished

Favorite read of the month: 🌹
Biggest disappointment: 💧

41150487. sy475

🌹 Red, White, & Royal Blue (reread ) – You know those books you reach for when you hate the world and just need something comforting and hopeful? That’s this book for me. Especially when I start feeling stressed over the political environment. It’s such a sweet, lovely romance with adorable (and hilarious!) characters. The premise is also A++: A divorced Madam President with a biracial, bisexual son? Who falls in love with a prince? Adorable.

6936019. sy475

💧 The Story of Stuff (2 ⭐ ) – On the opposite end of the adorable fluff-fest that is RW&RB, this book was a dumpster fire of disappointment. I felt like I was being chastised for existing. Do not recommend.

DNFs/Set Aside

Disclaimer: A lot of these books that have been set aside are set aside because I’m moving! Not because the books were boring or unappealing.

43301353. sy475

The Space Between Worlds (Set Aside) – I enjoyed this book while reading it but don’t have time right now. I hope to get back to it soon!

135625. sy475

A Tale of Two Cities (Set Aside) – I’m re-reading this classic for part of an upcoming project of mine but set it down in favor of less heavy things right now.


Gideon the Ninth (Set Aside) – I was enjoying this, but legit have no idea what’s going on. Is there a plot? Who knows!


Hyperbole and a Half (Set Aside) – I’m slowly working my way through this book. It’s hilarious and definitely millennial humor.

36809135. sy475

Where the Crawdads Sing (Set Aside/DNF) – I’m still not sure if this is a DNF for me, or just a Set Aside. Maybe it’s a Firm Set Aside. It just wasn’t interesting to me at all.

Still Reading

🌼 Birth of the Firebringer, by Meredith Ann Pierce (reread): Progress – 30%
🌼 Aurora Rising, by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman (reread): Progress – 26%
🌼 The Fellowship of the Ring, by Tolkien: Progress – 41%

My Favorite Blog Posts This Month

There were some great blog posts this month, as always! Unfortunately I wasn’t as active on the blogosphere due to being sick for so long, but here are a few that caught my eye:

🌸 Jess @ Jessica Writes discussed how to get out of a reading slump.
🌸 Nimika @ Word Haven Blog listed out a wonderfully entertaining list of some of the greatest YA romantic quotes.
🌸 E @ Local Bee Hunter’s Nook gave us a massive list of LGTBQ+ retellings.
🌸 Mug of Wit and Wisdom listed out a bunch of fun Canva images with their fav quotes.

What books did you read this past month? Have you read anything on my list? Let me know!

Happy reading!

8 thoughts on “September 2020 Wrap-Up”

  1. Aw please take care okay, cheers to an even better October! I quite enjoyed Where the Crawdads Sing though I was a bit annoyed at the switching timelines which disrupted the flow a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Red, White, and Royal Blue is totally going on my to-read list!! My favorite book I read this month was The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, there’s a Knives Out feel to the book.

    Liked by 1 person

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