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Happenings Around the Blogosphere | August 2020

Hello friends!

Book blogging is so dang fun–not only because I get to talk about books I love (or sometimes hate), but also because the community is so smart and warm and welcoming.

Here’s what happened around the blogosphere in August!

Please note: If your post isn’t here, that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it! I try my best to like each blog post I enjoy, and often try to comment on them too! There are so many amazing bloggers and blog posts out there, I’d never be able to link them all here.

🌻 Arina @ The Bookwyrm’s Guide to the galaxy – Beginner’s Guide to book blogging

This wee bookwyrm of the blog-o-sphere has a hilarious and engaging blogging voice and I highly suggest you give her a follow! In this post, she covered book blogging and what all it entails.

🌻 Marie @ Drizzle and Hurrican books fake engagement

Marie also puts out quality blog posts and just leaves me sitting here with all my half-finished tags and part of a muffin hanging out of my mouth, staring in awe and slight distress at how fabulous she is. This month, she tackled the nitty-gritty of fake engagement in blog-land.

🌻 Rain @ The withering – dear bloggers

August has been poopy–honestly all of 2020 has been poopy–and Rain waded through the proverbial muck and grime to write a post to all of us book bloggers out there. It was so uplifting and wonderful and left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you, Rain.

🌻 Alison @ Alison in bookland – book blogging and anxiety

Alison is another one of those tried-and-true book bloggers that consistently puts out thoughtful and insightful posts. This month, she discussed anxiety around book blogging (as well as how to try and prevent it!).

🌻 Mary @ mary and the words – why friendships are important

I almost cried while reading this post and then immediately shoved it at my besties and forced them to read it. It’s so beautiful and heartfelt. Mary really hits the nail on the head on how true friendships work. I, too, scream daily at my best friends about bread and movies and cats…

Please give these blog posts and their authors a read! They’re all so fabulous. Their blogs are amazing and they all have such wonderful things to say!

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